Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Sleep Thing!

Maybe you were thinking that I have become less obsessed with sleep, or rather my lack of it, but to be honest I just got bored moaning about it. Now, I have something new to report, I do believe that at two and a half years old, Leila is now sleeping through the night!!! I was beginning to think it was never going to happen. Now, she goes to bed between 7 and 8.30pm, depending on whether she's had a nap in the daytime, and will sleep through until 6 or 7am. Her big sister Lucy is always asleep by 8pm and sleeps through to 6 or 7am, she generally wakes first.

So with just six months until I have to start all over again you are probably thinking that I am overjoyed with all the sleep I'm getting? Well, sorry to disappoint you but it's not that easy, I'm not sure if it's because I've not had a full night sleep in so long but I just can't do it. I wake at least four times a night. I can go back to sleep fairly quickly most times, but it still means that even though my girls are sleeping through the night, I'm not.

Then of course there is Lucy's knees. She will often cry in pain during the night and I have to sit massaging her for at least half an hour. I anticipate this to go on for a long time yet, but at least it's not every night, sometimes we can go for five or six days without any pain.

I'm supposing that soon it will be heartburn and cramp that keeps me awake at night, then it will be just being unable to get comfortable. I have so much to look forward to. :-(

Ok, I started positively and that's how I'm going to finish, I am truly happy that Leila is sleeping through, it's easier to relax (even if I can't sleep) when I can be confident that she's not going to be waking up throughout the night.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The white stuff has gone!

...and I can confirm that the colour of grass is green!
I have also been re-united with Vicky (my car...who used to be called Vinnie until I realised that she just had to be female because of the mood swings)

Baby number 5 is growing well, I can't get into my jeans already. I'm seeing the midwife on Thursday and should be having my first scan in the next week or so. And I've made it this far without being sick, that's good!

I bought the girls some MoonSand yesterday and I think it was probably my worst move yet. They want to play with it all the time but it's messier than painting (although it's easier to clean up). They wanted it out last night 10 mins before bedtime, and this morning 1/2 hour before school, and I get tantrums when I say no. Fingers tightly crossed that the novelty wears off quick.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Little Luck!

I had a nice surprise this morning, I had an e-mail from a bingo site that I play on saying that I'd won £250 in a competition. Whoo hooo! I'm going to put it away to spend on the new baby, probably at the Baby Show in May, but that may be a little late, we'll have to see.
I have an appointment with my midwife next Thursday and hopefully my first scan the week after. It all seems to be going quick now, I still have to keep pinching myself because it's so hard to believe that I am pregnant.

We still have snow :-( Yet another downfall last night which made it deeper than ever and it's snowed lightly all day. I took Lucy to school and then went to the local shops with Leila. I was heading for the supermarket but the pushchair was so hard to push I gave up and went to a mini mart instead. Then when I got home and changed all my wet clothes, I got a text from the school saying they were closing due to the deteriorating weather and would I come and collect Lucy. I got Craig to look after Leila this time, I just couldn't face struggling with the pushchair again. Unless the weather is much better tomorrow (unlikely) I'm not even going to bother taking Lucy in.

On Friday I have to go into town with Craig and it looks like we may have to go on the bus, I just hope they grit the roads because the buses are having trouble now, the one Graham caught today got stuck on a hill, and the one home went a completely new route. Maybe, just maybe this sleet like snow we are having now will turn to rain and wash it all away. Fingers tightly crossed.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I know, I know, I'm 10 days late! I just haven't had the time to concentrate on writing a post. I generally do my posts in the evening when the girls are asleep but Leila has been poorly and hasn't been sleeping too well. So, most nights instead of running up and down the stairs every five minutes, I've been going to bed early myself and watching some TV. I've been feeling really tired all the time anyway so it's suited me going up early, but it does mean I've not had much time for the computer. There isn't much I can do with the girls around, they don't leave me alone.

I guess I'm in the same boat as everyone else but I'm getting a bit fed up of this snow now. I don't usually mind snow but it is so cold all the time. My heating bill is going to be shocking! Lucy had only 1 1/2 days at school last week and she gets so bored at home. And now, as I type there is more snow falling, on top of all the compacted ice. It makes me think about where it is all going to go when it starts to melt. It's bound to be messy.

The new year was more difficult for me than Christmas. Mum's birthday was 2nd January, so I took a large bouquet of flowers to the cemetery for her and it made me so much sadder than the last time I went. Then there was the anniversary of Simeon's death on the 3rd. My oldest brother was having a hard time too, I had an emotional phone call from him on the 2nd. But talking of brothers, I've heard nothing off my middle brother Kevin. I sent him a Christmas card and a text to say Happy New Year, but not heard a pip back from him. Checking the flowers on the grave I think he may have been responsible for the 4 single roses, wrapped individually, one for each family member. It's hard to tell though because there was a few things without tags.

I've been meaning to visit my auntie, but with the girls being ill over Christmas and then this horrid weather (which I refuse to drive in) I haven't made it yet. My family is getting smaller and I feel so cut off from those left sometimes. Still, I have my own family to look after and that's getting bigger!