Saturday, 23 February 2013

Things that made me happy in February.

Since becoming a reviewer I've received lots of free stuff to review and it's so nice to get stuff in the post to keep all in return for a post on my other blog. I've had some really lovely things and this week I had lovely little bike delivered for Joseph. He really loves it already.
This weekend I'm going to be designing my own personal photo frame from i-photo. It looks lovely, I did consider making one for Graham's mum for Mother's Day, but as I know I won't be getting anything I've decided to keep it for myself, stingy I know ;-)

Also, the big blog awards started a few weeks ago, I'd really love to go but last year I think I  managed 1 nomination in one category and probably no votes. I was fairly new on the scene and had only stumbled on the awards anyway so I wasn't bothered. I followed the award ceremony last September through Twitter live and after wards on blogs and I thought how lovely it would be to be a part of it all. So when I discovered I'd been nominated I was thrilled. Then to find I'd been nominated 6 times gave me some hope so I shamelessly asked friends and family to nominate me too. Now I'm waiting for the results. I don't have much hope really the competition is incredibly fierce, but I'm still happy that I got nominations, especially the ones I received before I asked. If I got through to the finals I would be so happy.

Finally, we had a fantastic day out last week during half term. It was only to the Nature Centre but it all went really smoothly and there was no arguments all day. G did spend most of the day on his mobile but I let him off as it was his birthday and he was probably checking his messages. (I didn't take my phone, I've stopped taking it out with me now, I take my watch and a camera instead.)

So here are my blessing for February, I'm still counting :-)