Thursday, 29 July 2010

Birthday Girl

Awww my baby girls is now 3 years old!! I know everyone says it but 'where does the time go?'
She got up to a few pressies and cards and immediatley got stuck in forgetting about breakfast. Her main present was a playhouse for the garden (which is a shared present with Lucy) but she had to wait for daddy to get up and build it. It didn't take long though and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day (Even though the forcast was for rain)
Lunchtime her little friends arrived and as I'd planned a picnic they decided they wanted it in the playhouse. I couldn't manage a party (38+ weeks pregnant) but she did have lots of fun with her friends. We had a princess birthday cake and sang happy birthday while she blew out her candles.
She really enjoyed her day and when I took her to bed she had to go over everything that we had done, she was so excited.
Happy Birthday Leila, my precious little girl who does something that makes me smile/laugh every single day.

I love you so much xxx
Leila Ladybird

Leila's birthday picnic

Friday, 23 July 2010

New Dresses

I reviewed a website for someone the other day and just completely fell in love with her little girls clothes. There was one dress in particular that I knew Lucy would love, she's crazy about elephants and it has a little elephant motif. It's a red polka dot dress, and when I saw it I just thought about how much my mum would have loved it, I can remember having a fair bit of red polka dot when I was a young child.

After ordering the dress for Lucy I decided it would only be fair to order Leila one too, hers is a gorgeous flowery print with a white top with two flowers and a butterfly, it truly is stunning. I love both of them and the girls love them too. (In fact I had a bit of a struggle to get them off after letting them try them on, but I want to keep them nice for Leila's birthday picnic next week.)

This is the site I bought them from

In other news, I've only got 17 days left of this pregnancy!! I've been having a few problems again and I'm back at the hospital on Monday for my tests results. Fingers crossed they were just being over precautious and everything is ok.

So next week it's Leila's 3rd birthday, where does the time go? She's off to nursery in September, full time, and Lucy will be in yr1 at school. I'll be busy at home with baby Joseph and my shop.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New Shop now Online

Well I've been working hard, again, and now I have completely redone my shop and changed to a new server. Here it is Bump To Bundle. I'm really pleased with it. Now I can sell lots more stuff and I've already added new things like gorgeous baby bouquets made from baby clothing, I really love them and I'd be happy to get one as a gift.

I've also decided to sell Eurobambino highchairs because I really like them. And I'm looking to add baby toys and maybe a section on sibling gifts for the new arrivals brothers and/or sisters.

Doing all this has been a big distraction to the rest of my life which is just what I need right now. I like to be busy and the time is just flying by. I currently have just 26 days left of this pregnancy, no time at all really.

Lucy breaks up from school next week so things are going to be a bit different as I juggle trying to work online while looking after two toddlers and then a new baby pretty soon. Yep, the future looks pretty busy.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Growing Up

It's transition day today, Lucy has been in yr 1 to meet her new teacher and see her new class and Leila has spent the morning at nursery where she will be going full time in September. They both seem happy, I can tell I'm going to have no problems with Leila. Of course now I'm thinking about how much sadder I'd be feeling about losing both my girls if Joseph wasn't arriving soon. They are growing so quickly.

If I wasn't pregnant then I'd be seriously considering returning to work. I'd love to go back to work, I'd do anything but I'd be really chuffed to get a job back at  the university. I don't think I could leave a baby at home though, so I'll just have to wait a bit longer. My dream would be for my online shop to take off so well that I could actually get premises and run my own shop. Who knows, I'm usually quite optimistic so maybe it's something I could work towards.

I've been really busy working on the shop, I'm currently setting up a new website as the one I currently have doesn't fit my needs. So much for jumping in without much research, oh well, lesson learnt.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Another Birthday

When I was around 16-17 yrs old I used to love taking out my little brother and a couple of my nieces and nephews. We would get a day saver ticket which could be used for both trains and buses and just go anywhere. One of our favourite places was Birmingham Airport. We would go to the viewing lounge and watch the planes take off and land and ride the monorail over and over.
The one day we decided just to take the bus into town. When we got there I realised we'd left my brother's coat on the bus. I was worried about what my mum would say when we got home and it put me in a mood for the day. A couple of hours later we caught the bus home and there right were we had left it was my brother's coat. The chances of catching the same bus were so minimal, it must have been my lucky day.

It all seems like a lifetime away now.

In memory of my brother who would have 37 today!