Friday, 22 October 2010

And a month goes by....

Sorry my poor neglected blog for taking so long to update you.

Things have been a little hectic with having a baby and a shop to look after. Both are doing well.

Today I want to go back in time some 17 years. My eldest son was settling in school and doing well, so I thought. That was until his teacher called me to one side and suggested that he was having difficulty mixing with the other children. He wasn't unhappy, he just preferred to spend time on his own. Also, he would drift off into a world of his own and sometimes it was difficult to reach him. His school work was fine and above average, but he couldn't cope with changes of routine, and he also had problems with dexterity, particularly in dressing himself. The teacher suggested that I do him to see a psychologist to see if there was an underlying problem.

I was angry, upset, confused and a whole heap of other emotions. Of course I had noticed there was something 'different' about him, I just didn't want anybody else to notice, and I didn't want it pointed out to me. I ignored the teacher and paid for my stupidity later when he really had problems at school. He was 12 yrs old when he was finally diagnosed with high functioning autism.

Now back to the future. Lucy's teacher is saying the same about her.

Had I noticed? Yes.
Am I going to something about it? I guess I should learn by my mistakes.
Is my heart heavy? yes.