Monday, 24 August 2009

Lucy's Birthday

Awww my little girls are growing up so fast. Today Lucy turned 4! We had a little party for her on Saturday. I'd sent some invitations out to her friends and nursery school but not one of them turned up :-(
She did have a few friends turn up though and she didn't seem bothered at all about the ones that were missing, she had a great day. The weather was lovely too which meant lots of playing out in the garden.
I made a pinata out of papier mache. The party was High School Musical themed so the pinata was a megaphone. Well, it started out as a balloon, then I tried to turn it into a megaphone but it just wouldn't work, so I decided to make a large microphone instead, but that just looked daft. So, dismayed I decided to decorate the balloon and just leave it at that. Then Graham came home and within minutes he had a megaphone made!!! All I had to do was decorate it. I do have photo's but currently I can't find my connection wire from my camera to the computer. I haven't used it in ages because I can just slot the memory card in, but for some reason the memory card decided to not work on Saturday. So photo's will be added later.

Back to today. Lucy still doesn't get the anticipation before an event. She knew it was her birthday today but she wasn't excited last night and went to bed and to sleep with no problems. Leila, however decided to wake up at 11.30pm and wouldnt' go back to sleep until 3.30am. Then Lucy woke at 4am and wouldn't go back to sleep until 5.30am. She said she was cold, her leg was aching, she had an headache. I thought maybe she just wanted to start her birthday early but when I asked if she wanted to get up she said 'no'. Very puzzling. Anyway, after she went back to sleep I finally got to go to sleep myself until 7 am.

I bought Lucy a Nintendo DS for her birthday which she loves and hasn't put it down hardly all day! I also bought her a singing Gabriella from HSM and some games for her DS.

Then we got the news that Graham had lost his job, he was being laid off because there was not enough work. That's really depressing as we are only just finding our feet financially. Ah well, at least we never got around to feeling comfortable, so the struggle continues.

We cheered ourselves up this afternoon by going geocaching for the first time. I'm not going to talk too much about that here because I have a shiny new blog which I'll be dedicating to my geocaching adventures. You can find it here but it's very new so bear with me.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


I had quite a busy week last week. Currently Cassie is away at Ayacon, Britains largest and oldest anime convention. Remember the dress I bought her for her birthday? Well, that is one of the outfits she will be wearing. I just hope she takes lots of photo's. She travelled with two friends from Scotland who came to stay with us earlier in the week. They were two lovely girls (even if I did have a little trouble understanding their accents, I'm sure they had just as much trouble understanding me). I don't mind overcrowding my house when the guests are pleasant.

Craige was a big surprise, he was really accomodating. He even gave up the mattress on his bed and then slept on the floor. He spent less time locked away in his bedroom and was nice to his sister. I knew there was a real gentleman locked away in there somewhere :-)

Thursday was nice and sunny so I took the girls to meet some friends on Birmingham beach for the day. Such a brilliant idea having a beach in the middle of the city. You can just lie back in a deckchair and imagine your somewhere nice while the kids play in the sand. The only thing missing is the sea. I guess that's the closest I'll be getting to having a holiday this year.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Leila is 2!

Ok, I'm a bit late telling you about Leila's birthday, any later and I'll run the risk of merging it into Lucy's birthday! I think part of the reason for not blogging about it straight away is that it's taken a while for it to sink in. My baby is 2 years old! She's not a baby anymore, I don't have a baby! And I won't be having any more. It's a difficult thing to accept. That and how quickly it's come around. It really doesn't seem that long ago when I spent nearly two years just trying to get pregnant with Lucy, now Lucy is off to school in September and Leila isn't a baby anymore. Where does the time go?

Anyway, I decided to have a BBQ party to celebrate my little girls birthday. It was a little selfish because all along it was going to be more of an adult party, I really wanted the chance to have a drink and enjoy myself. So a BBQ seemed the ideal way to go. We had lots of kids around and everyone made a fuss of Leila so she was ok. Although at 2 she probably didn't have a clue really. She did learn how to sing 'Happy Birthday' though :-) The BBQ was on Saturday 25th July, now you probably won't remember but it was actually a sunny day slotted inbetween two miserable rainy weeks. We were incredibly lucky. We were actually able to hold the party in the garden, although the kids had run of the house. (Boy did they make a mess! I tried to ignore and did quite well apart from clearing up the toys from all over the floor and shoving them upstairs.) The day went well, and I had a few drinks. One of the last to leave (apart from Gray's dad) was my friend from my last job (which was 10 years ago now) We hadn't seen each other in quite a while, I'd had to cancel our Christmas meet up because of mum. I really enjoyed catching up with her.

Leila's actual birthday was on Monday 27th July and she was a bit bewildered as to what was going on. She loved opening her presents though and was excited about her birthday cake and candles. I can see I will be having two very excited little girls come Christmas time.

I'm already planning Lucy's birthday party, which will be much more child orientated. Fingers crossed for another sunny day as I'd like this one in the garden too.