Sunday, 31 March 2013

Darkness Descending.

I'm  struggling at the moment. After being on a high for so long it's horrible to think that the dark cloud is trying to reappear. I really don't want it and am fighting it all the way. Will I win? It's always got me before, but I've still got so much good going on and to look forward too. Surely that will help me keep it at bay?

I hate the voices in my head, the negativity, the despair. Why bother, why continue, what is the point of everything?. Wouldn't everyone be better off if I just went away and never came back? I am hounded on a daily basis and kept awake at night. In the meantime I try to carry on like nothing is wrong and I'm pretty good at that, except that it makes me highly strung, so don't cross me!

 I still wish I could go away somewhere peaceful, somewhere where I could be with my little ones without anyone interfering. I would be so less stressed out all the time. I can cope with demanding little people, it's demanding adults I can't cope with. Even if I had the opportunity my guilt at leaving the others behind would eat me up.

They say if someone is making your life miserable then get them out of your life. It's not that easy. I would feel so guilty, I doubt that removing them from my life would make me feel any better.

I guess I don't have a backbone?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Why no moany posts?

So I've not had a good grumble on here for ages. It doesn't mean that my life has improved beyond grumbling, it's just that lately I've been on a bit of a high, I'm not sure why and it does feel pretty alien but it is stopping me from complaining. It could be that I have a lot to look forward too. I have a party and a night out with friends in April, a blog summit and night out in May, a holiday to Center Parcs (somewhere I've always wanted to go) in June and also in June a trip to Legoland. Then hopefully it will be summertime and then I have all the kids birthdays to plan, Leila is having a party at home, Joseph is having his birthday in Southport and Lucy is having a Build-A-Bear party. So much to keep my mind occupied and  not stressing about the little things.

Other than that nothing has changed. Graham is still much more in love with his PS3 than me, Cassie is still swinging from one mood to another and keeping us on the eggshells and Craige has been really poorly, which means a revert to childhood and much mummy pampering required day and night. The arguments continue, the constant bickering and bad moods, but everything just floats past me now, I'm not losing sleep.

Over the past couple of months I've had extreme money worries but I've taken it all in hand and everything is now sorted and I'm much more comfortable financially that I have been for ages. Ok, we're not well off but we are now living within our means, particularly by not owning a car! Also I had some good news about Craige's benefits, I really thought that with these new assessments he would lose his money in April, but I've been informed that he's not on the list for the reforms until 2015, so that's two years before I need to worry about that again, who knows what can happen in that time. He does claim JSA but is always getting sanctioned and rarely gets paid. He can't do what they ask of him with regards to working in shops, going to group meetings etc. He does however need to be claiming so that he doesn't have to pay the full amount for his course fees.

so there you have it, I'm happy for now anyway and no amount of emotional abuse is going to get me down while I'm feeling like this.

Monday, 11 March 2013

I made it to the finals!!!

Thursday evening I saw a tweet from the MAD blog awards saying the finalists were live on the site. I ignored it. I wanted to go on dreaming a little longer and I was convinced they were going to be announced on Friday. Then I saw the congratulatory tweets to those on the list and I just couldn't resist. Hopefully some of my friends would be on there. I scrolled down reading through familiar and unfamiliar blogs and then I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my blog just sitting there in the School days category. I went back to Twitter, not sure what to do, I was shaking and crying. I really couldn't believe it and went back for another look. yep it was still there. I had to take a screen shot just in case it disappeared.  Then I received a couple of congratulatory tweets, so it had to be true if other people could see my blog there too! I poured myself a nice glass of wine to celebrate.

BTW, it's not this blog that has made the finals but my other one. I've not even posted about it on there yet!