Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mind Reading Bus Journeys

I've had two surreal experiences while travelling by bus this week.
The first was on Monday when I was on the bus with my eldest. Now, he talks a lot, and doesn't listen much. We went to Liverpool on the train once and he talked the whole way there about the history of China! But on Monday he was talking about Japan, he talked a little about he history and the geography, and my mind started to wander while I thought about the volcanos and suddenly he joined in as if reading my thoughts, and said yes we are lucky we don't have volcanos here. Ok, maybe not so strange as my thoughts were related to the topic he was rambling on about, but it was just the way he appeared to answer my thoughts, I am sure I didn't think them aloud!

The second one was today while on the bus with Lucy. It was getting dark and we'd been talking about lights and what the colours of the lights we could see reminded us of. In Lucy's case it was mostly fruit? Then we fell silent. I started thinking about church for some reason. I have been feeling a bit lost lately as we haven't found a new church to attend since moving house, and I don't think I will feel as comfortable anywhere as I did in our old church. Then suddenly Lucy said, "mummy, I miss going to church, I really liked Sunday School" !!!

I think I might stop going on the bus for a while as my thoughts appear to open for anyone to see!


Anonymous said...

well...some of us would have much to say about your children (likely starseed indigos) reading your thoughts. they are reading your thoughts because...they can. your children are leading you to ascension. my guides led me to your blog and now i know why ;) please don't be frightened by their gifts. don't stop taking the bus, as it were.

read a bit about it here:


and you might find this bit about indigo children useful:

easy peace to you and your family.

Taylor Downing said...

I came across your blog and wanted to say I hope you have found a church! Praying for you. Also, I love your blog design. :)

- Taylor